Princeton Prof: Trump and His Republican Enablers Constitute an Existential Threat to the Country


MSNBC has a long list of political experts who specialize in bomb throwing to ensure the US is permanently divided. Case in point MSNBC regular Prof Eddie Glaude Jr, or Princeton University, who accused the President and his ‘republican enablers’ (those in DC along with YOU the voters who put him in office) of being ‘existential threat’ to the US.

Putting America first, standing for law and order, reducing taxes, reversing crippling regulations, building our military back up, and truly doing more for Black Americans than any other President is not being a threat to this country. Pulling the race card suggesting Trump is a plantation owner is uncalled for. How else is he supposed to address what he’s actually done (unlike obama, Clinton et al) for Black Americans?

The only existential threat to this country is the democrat party, and their “soldiers” who are currently tearing numerous major cities apart. These people HATE YOU and are trying their damnedest to sway clueless voters to their side with lies.