STOP Using Soap, Sleeping, Listening to Classical & Opera Music And Eating Rice Krispies… They’re Racist


Do you use soap, sleep, listen to classical and opera music, or eat Rice Krispies? If so, you are racist!

Black Power Naps Is Addressing Systemic Racism in Sleep
Classical Music is Finally Reckoning With Racism
Opera Can No Longer Ignore Its Race Problem

Yes, this is from the UK but the ball has been set in motion for radical Leftists in the US to pile on and threaten Kellogg’s, because? Why not, they have every major corporation afraid running scared.

This is what happens when sane Americans stay silent while the country is being destroyed because they’re afraid to say, “NO… I’m not a racist, shut the hell up!” to a bunch of spoiled entitlement brats who were NEVER told “No” their entire lives. American’s silence over the fear of being labeled racist has empowered these monsters to go after everything and everyone at this point.

People need to start fighting back against the psychopath “woke” Leftists, radical professors, pundits and politicians who are pushing forward on that 2008 promise 5 days before the election to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

Like Michelle Malkin recently said‘Welcome to End Stage America.’

You have 106 days to get your heads out of your asses,  re-elect Pres Trump, sending him true conservative reinforcements to Congress and throwing the Leftist bastards holding office at the local and state level, who enable all of this, out of power.


Sit home and wait for the Thought Police to kick down your front door under the Biden and democrat party’s new regime.