Pelosi: ‘Trump & His Stormtroopers’ Are Kidnapping ‘Protesters’ in Portland


One twitter or tv appearance after another by Nancy Pelosi and other dem leaders confirms support for unhinged violent Leftists tearing US cities apart they consider harmless ‘protesters’.

  • looting
  • rioting
  • random acts of assault
  • destruction of public/ private property
  • taking over police stations/ govt buildings etc
  • terrorizing law abiding citizens

None of these are acts of peaceful protesting, but in the eyes of the democrat party, media, Hollywood, pundits paraded on tv they are.

Now that these violent monsters are being confronted by law enforcement, arrested for the crimes they’re committing what does Pelosi, THIRD IN LINE FOR THE PRESIDENCY, say?

Sen Ted Cruz responded setting the record straight, but unengaged voters won’t care

Nanzi didn’t randomly choose calling DHS officers Stormtroopers. This is to continue the false narrative created by radical Left-wing who has taken over the democrat party that Trump is a tyrant, a fascist, a nazi with his own paramilitary like hitler’s Schutzstaffel who were the elite that came out of the Sturmabteilung of the 1920’s-30’s.

To be clear and for the record, Pelosi, nor any democrat has ever condemned the violence and chaos these “protesters” have committed, yet they’re all quick to condemn Trump for taking action to stop their terror on America’s streets.

There’s no doubt at this point they want the violence on the streets while the blame is directed at Trump. This is all about the dems final desperate attempt to win in November regardless of the path of destruction they leave. They DO NOT CARE what happens to this country so long as they win. They’re hoping enough Americans get tired of all of this and are convinced Trump is the problem get him out of power where all of this will go away, but it won’t.

Pelosi and her ilk DO NOT understand these monsters also have THEM in their sights! These marxist revolutionaries will go after democrats after the GOP is taken out. So you have a choice America, stop this shit in its tracks Nov 3 or enjoy the new normal of violence, chaos, having to look over your shoulder over what you say or wear!