Antifa Showed Up At Sturgis, It Went As You Would Expect


A handful of domestic terrorists showed up at Sturgis, boldly standing right in the middle of Main Street with their stupid hate Trump and America signs. As you can hear from the roar of the crowd they were not welcomed. One of them, a purple haired monster got carted away by police and the others were marched out.

It turns out the purple haired domestic terrorist kicked a motorcycle as it drove by setting the crowd and police off that led to its arrest…

Frankly the cops saved these monsters lives, because this crowd was ready to tear them apart!! We can only hope more of them show up and actually try something, but they are spineless when they don’t have the numbers.

Thats the key. If Americans fed up with antifa, BLM and the dems crap would just step up in a show of force these monsters would back off. And people better show up in November to shut them all down by re-electing Donald Trump and conservatives in the House and Senate.