Conserv Activist Gets “It” – The GOP, Pundits & Conservative Media Don’t and Better WAKE UP!


Conservative activists like Scott Presler get “it,” about what REALLY needs to be done to win hearts and minds but especially this election. While countless high profile pundits on the Right preach and make powerful speeches this guy, and many others, is out in the streets of America. Whether he’s cleaning up communities, demonstrating people on the Right care, or as he demonstrates in this tweet he’s registering voters (also converting some dems).

Those on the Right with very large reach be it online (news sites, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Podcasts etc), the radio or tv you are preaching to the choir. The GOP has tons of money, where are they spending it? Preaching to the people who they already have support. If you people “celebs” of the Right DO NOT change your messaging to the votes being ignored you can kiss this election goodbye!

I AM the only 1 ringing this warning bell about average uninformed, unengaged VOTERS who bought what the last guy selling, socialism, and would make “electoral history” as being the “first __”. It’s not malicious but they just don’t care enough to do their homework. They DON’T spend their days on Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms, talking politics and other big social issues. They’re not fond of either party, but many lean to the Left because, because! They base their decisions on what they hear from friends, family, co-workers, social gatherings which tends to be radical policies that have been watered down. They hear one side’s argument in a logical manner, again watered down, that makes them think, “Yea I agree with that”. These voters EVERYONE is ignoring voted for that nightmare in 2008 again in 2012 over the promise of free stuff the Biden campaign is pushing hard (adopted from Sanders, AOC and company), and they’ll do it again because they just don’t know better, broadsiding all of the people saying “Trump will win in a landslide”.

There are also people in this segment of unengaged voters who just won’t vote too! They tend to have the same traits but also lean Right, and think with all the hype of Trump Landslide, “Well, he has this locked up I don’t need to vote.” These are the people who voted in 2016 and sat home in the 2018 midterms, as well as any special election. They will blow off this election if they hear enough hype and assume “Every President wins a second term.” NO, not all Presidents win a second term, but no one is out there making it clear to these voters.

YOU KNOW these people exist, all they need is someone to guide them with actual facts, thunder away a bit so they see the light.

You guys with the hundreds of thousands of daily website visits, popular Youtube channels and podcasts, radio and tv shows need to Wake the Hell Up. Get out of your bubbles and start talking to people who get their news from what they heard through the grapevine, with no clue about what’s really going on, BUT THEY VOTE!

All you big names out there broadcasting from the comfort of a studio GET OUT INTO THE COMMUNITIES, start reaching out and the fools in the GOP better get their acts together too. This goes double for popular conservative minorities Candace Owens, Diamond & Silk, Leo Terrell, Larry Elder etc they’ll listen to you before they’ll listen to “racist whitey”.

All high profile people on the right need to start preaching from on top of a soapbox on street corners from the heart of Camden, NJ to Oakland, CA or get used to saying President HARRIS! (If Team Biden wins, Kamala WILL remove Joe via 25th Amend before the end of the 1st term).