WHITE 5 Year Old Boy EXECUTED in Front of His Sisters by BLACK Neighbor


You won’t hear about this except from sites like STR because the color of the victim and killer aren’t right. Darius Sessoms for reasons unknown put a gun to 5yo Cannon Hinnant’s head EXECUTING him in from of his two sisters while playing in their yard.

Had this been a little black boy or girl EXECUTED by their white neighbor the media, democrat party and Hollywood would be going berserk right now. There would be marches, protests, calls for an immediate nationwide gun ban if not outright confiscation, every hashtag campaign you could imagine would be trending in social media. White people would be getting attacked for simply being white (RACISM)… oh wait that’s already happening. YES, this site is making this tragedy about race regardless of what the killer’s true motive was because STR is just playing by the rules the Left has established without any of the facts! And frankly even if Sessoms and Hinnant’s family didn’t see eye to eye there is NO justification to shoot a 5yo in the head at point blank range.

Where are the t-shirts, memes and instagram posts demanding justice for Cannon Hinnant? DEMAND it from those you know (ie Alyssa Milano to KAMALA HARRIS) would be demanding it if this had been a little black, hispanic or other minority child! DEMAND the liberal hacks in the media to cover this story.