MSNBC: Harris as VP Will Expunge Govt of Republicans, Impeach Trump Judges


MSNBC hack Jason Johnson is already having delusions of grandeur of what will happen if Biden wins. He thinks VP Harris would be the right person to go through the admin to ‘expunging all the Trumpists, like getting rid of the Bath Party in Iraq’ and people he thinks are incompetent but in reality are not democrats. Johnson also wants to see all the Judges Trump has appointed impeached!

Do you understand the stakes of this election yet? Or do you like how things are going/ how the dems have handled the lockdown? They’ve done everything in their power to screw Americans with getting back to work, school, normal life, taking rights away, treating people like criminals, just so they can use what they’ve done against Trump and the GOP as if it’s their fault!?

If Biden/ Harris wins what you’re seeing in CA, NY, NJ, MI and other democrat strongholds is a teaser of how life will be under these two and all their ilk. Oh and those of you who like guns…. better take that deep sea fishing trip because these will come for them!