Trump Supporter Gunned Down, Dems Celebrate in Portland


A Trump supporter and member of the Patriot Prayer group Aaron Danielson was gunned down in Portland by a democrat voter, suspect shooter identified as Michael Reinoehl. What you see here is in fact first degree murder, unlike Kyle Rittenhouse being charged same while many ignore the fact he clearly acted in self-defense after being attacked. From the enhanced audio it’s clear Reinoehl and others were out looking for Trump supporters, as the suspect without hesitation fires on Danielson once he was fingered as a Trump supporter.

Making matters worse the democrats celebrated the murder which only throws gasoline on this fire.

Here’s more of the democrats celebrating as they play taps while burning a US flag…

Again this site asks what is the difference between these radicals vs ISIS/al Qaeda? They destroy statues/monuments, attack without hesitation, terrorize and use intimidation to get compliance, burn US flags and CELEBRATE when their enemies die?!

Civilians online have done more to ID the shooter than the Portland police under Mayor Wheeler, who has bowed down to the unhinged violent democrat mobs.

This site for sometime has been warning the violence will escalate, especially in Portland potentially triggering a Second American Civil War! If elected democrat officials do not get control over their Sturmabteilung we’re going to have a lot more blood spilled.

And for the record republicans, TEA Party activists, conservatives even the extreme right-wing ARE NOT nazis.
Nazi by definition is the National Socialist German Workers’ Party aka National SOCIALISTS. Why are conservatives being called socialists??? This is gaslighting and revisionist history being committed by the very people who fit nazi description to a “T”

Democrat senators and other pundits have are saying the violence is happening under Trump’s watch. That’s true, BUT it’s all happening in DEMOCRAT strongholds committed by DEMOCRAT voters! None of the people rioting, looting, setting fires, attacking people vote republican let alone for Donald Trump.

This is what America will be like under HARRIS/biden administration and democrat controlled Congress. The line is clear this election, vote:

Trump for peace, law and order
HARRIS/biden for lawlessness, tyranny.