Unhinged Democrat Voters Attacked the WRONG Senator!


Sen Rand Paul was one of many who attended the RNC Convention at the White House who had to deal with the unhinged democrat mob just outside afterwards. He explained on Fox & Friends that against better judgement, after being bused away, he and his wide decided to walk back to their hotel which was the equivalent of walking right into a Walking Dead herd!

As you would expect a republican senator on the street is like a live person to the Walking Dead where they swarmed him, and had it not been for the DC police he and his wife would’ve surely ended up in the hospital; hell Paul himself felt they could’ve killed! What these blm democrat voting dolts demanding justice don’t seem to understand is Paul is the one who in fact agrees with them about Breonna Taylor, so much so HE AUTHORED a bill in her name to end no knock raids!


That’s okay because Paul is now calling for action to be taken against these monsters. And he thinks what many of us have been thinking and believe that there is something far bigger behind the scenes directing and funding these attacks. It takes a lot of money to make this all happen from Portland to DC and there are only a few we know who will gladly right the checks… Yes Soros  but also Steyer, people forget about him but he’s just as bad (Yes there are others).


Seeing that Paul has already been brutally attacked by an unhinged democrat, was on the baseball field when a democrat opened fired on them almost killing Rep Scalise. The dems attacked the wrong senator because this will give him the motivation to get other elected officials and govt agencies to finally take action. Antifa, BLM and all the other groups need to be officially designated domestic terrorists so law enforcement can deal with them once and for all.