Dems Cheer After Cop Hit By Trash Can Lid


Democrat voters “peacefully protesting” in Minneapolis, liberating products from oppressive stores over a false report of man killed by police, got a good “laugh” at the expense of police officer when one of them struck the cop with a metal trash can lid.


The cop is okay but this is how fearless these dems have become. Because there are no consequences, these dems are emboldened to attack cops as well as bystanders featured on this site.

Joe Biden finally “said” something against the violence, well it wasn’t him one of his aides under his Twitter account, accrediting the violence to happening under Trump’s watch.

Joe is right it did happen under Trump, but the violence is happening in democrat strongholds by democrat voters. No one rioting, looting, committing arson and assault are die-hard conservatives let alone Trump voters.

A vote for Joe is a vote for these violent acts to become the norm. Hell KAMMY said the unrest is not going away! So those who still don’t know who to vote for, or will stay home election day keep that in mind Nov 3rd.