Dem/Biden Voters Use Guillotine For Mock Execution of Trump Outside White House

The volume of videos coming out from the DC “protest” are beyond disturbing. This one in particular, where these Biden voters are holding a mock execution of Pres Trump in a guillotine.


If you, or someone you know votes for HARRIS/biden they support this behavior. And make no mistake if given the opportunity to do their own rendition of the French Revolution these bastards will do it!

They burn churches, businesses run by their own, attack elderly and children – there is no violent act they will not engage in.

How anyone could still be on the fence not sure who to support this election is concerning. This country is on course for major conflict if the dems win the White House and both houses of Congress, as well as control at the state level. People better wake up, these democrat voters have demonstrated they are prepared to burn, destroy and kill for their utopian dream.

Vote Trump if you care about your rights and lives.