Democrat Voters Assault Elderly Man Outside White House


Democrat… HARRIS/biden voters (aka Antifa, BLM, Black Bloc, Socialists, Communists, Liberals, “Progressives”) protesting, outside the White House on the final night of the RNC Convention, have assaulted an elderly man. This is nothing new for these dem voters they seem to prey on the elderly men and women and children.

And why was this man there? What was his crime that gave these monsters the right to assault him? He wanted to watch the fireworks display after Pres Trump gives his acceptance speech on the White House South Lawn. The monster with the megaphone claims the man touched a black woman and then it sounds like the man said something about a bullhorn. So it is possible a woman had a bullhorn in his face, he shoved it away thus the threat and assault. We don’t know but since there is no footage out of white man shoving a black woman, it would be viral by now knowing the media, one can only assume this is what may have happened. Regardless, these democrats are the agitators. We have countless vids of them getting in peoples faces, shoving them, putting bullhorns right in their face. You have every right to defend yourself from these terrorists.

How many more Americans need to be beat up because they’re not showing their fealty to the democrats? How many more cities need to be burned down, men woman and children assaulted because they support the wrong side, teens armed with weapons compelled to defend businesses only to find themselves under attack forced to defend themselves?

This is what America will be like under a HARRIS/biden administration. The democrats have been silent for the most part about the violence and riots over the last 4 mos, they continue to trivialize them, say they’re isolated but we know better.