Mob of Democrat Voters Viciously Attack Elderly Man Trying to Defend His Business


Here are more of the democrat party’s voters viciously attacking an elderly man who was simply trying to defend his business, after the “peaceful protesters” set it on fire.

The girl filming is not part of the democrat mob, who was even willing to help the unidentified man even is she got beat up. Good for her but what she said at the end is a warning to ANYONE participating in these riots and you better take it dead serious as the warning the vet made a week ago…

‘This is what’s going to happen to every one of you when this goes nationwide I don’t think you realize this!’

She’s right, when the people who have been subjected to these attacks get to their breaking point these unhinged violent democrat voters are going to regret everything they’ve done. When the right starts hitting back it’s going to be 100X harder than what we’ve seen from these democrats. They’re asking for a fight they’re going to get it.

You “moderate” liberals/dems, if you vote for Democrats this election then you support this bullshit 100% and are an enemy of this Republic as much as the monsters on the ground, YOU OWN THIS.