CNN Tries to Tie RNC to Vigilante Killings in Wisconsin


The political activists over at CNN spent the morning trying to gaslight the country is a piss poor attempt of tying the RNC to the vigilante killings in Wisconsin. The alleged vigilantes made it clear in videos they were there to protect businesses. They understood why people were mad but were adamant “protesters” needed to focus on the police and policymakers not innocent business owners.

Does CNN make this distinction? OF COURSE NOT. They want to sow the seeds of doubt and hopefully cause more rioting, arson, assault and shootings. It’s not going to work because we have actual journalists on scene getting the footage that tells a different story. At no time have any of these “vigilantes” ever said they’re acting in support of Trump or the RNC. Media hacks and fake republicans like Amanda Carpenter are creating this association.

These monsters support BLM, their calls to defund the police – what did they think was going to happen when there is no police around to protect the city? Frankly, 3 shot last night is a miracle, there should have been many more!

The Left will never take blame for anything they cause or encourage. They take a tragedy and thrown napalm on it, feeding it relentlessly. Segments like these are what will send more into the streets to target republicans and Trump supporters. So you see it’s a vicious circle of violence that generates material these hacks need to hate on the Right, get clicks and ratings.

People better vote Trump and the GOP come November. A HARRIS/biden win is a green light for more of this.

The killer in question Kyle Rittenhouse shot 3 people, and 2 died. What the media is leaving out of their attacks is they were in self defense. First victim shot at the gas station hours earlier was taunting those who were armed protecting businesses.

Later in the night he and others were doing their “peaceful protest” apparently chased after Rittenhouse only to be met with lethal force.

The other 2 who were shot were seen chasing Rittenhouse down the street where he fell and the one armed with a skateboard struck Kyle and then tried to take his weapon from him (we can assume to use on him) where he was fired on and died from his wound. The other attacker armed with a handgun had part of his arm shot off when he had his weapon up and made a move on Rittenhouse.