Pelosi Doesn’t Think Biden Should Do Any Debates


Nancy Pelosi has joined a long line of Leftists who ‘don’t think there should be any debates’. She argued that Trump is such a bad President that it would be beneath Joe to waste his time in debate! The level of fear these people have of Biden getting eaten alive by Pres Trump cannot be hidden.


The democrats KNOW Joe cannot handle himself one-on-one with Trump, and he will say something to set Joe off where a massive train wreck will follow. Why don’t you think he is speaking to the press? They KNOW he will screw up speaking on the fly. The man had notes in front of him when he called KAMMY to let her know she was the VP! He’s used notes in all his basement tv appearances and has screwed up. Think about it, he has notes in front of him, he’s in the comfort of his own home and still messes up. You’re damn straight they don’t want Joe debating Trump – Trump will bury him.

Folks better vote for Trump and the GOP Nov 3rd, because if the dems hold the House Nanzi remains Speaker! If you want her to remain 3rd in line for the presidency then by all means sit home election day or vote for HARRIS/biden.

BTW did you catch Pelosi’s “hidden” message to Joe?

Nanzi was giving Joe a reason to back out of in-person debates when she talked about how Trump “stalked” Hillary on the debate stage in 2016. In the time of covid, we can’t be within 6 feet of each other… and knowing Donald Trump well he will invade Joe’s space, putting him in danger of infection.

Yea it’s a stretch, but many to this day don’t think Joe will show up to the debates instead pushing for Zoom Meeting / teleconference style debate. Pelosi just gave the Biden Camp the excuse they need to make that happen!

If they push for this type of debate the Biden camp will cheat with cue cards, teleprompter and an IFB (interruptible foldback). The only way Donald Trump could agree to this type of debate is that one of his sons (because at this point he can trust no one) MUST be present wherever Joe is broadcasting from, and be within 15-20 feet being able to see and hear everything.