As Dems Attack Trump, Lets Not Forget That Time They Downplayed Covid


Democrats are hysterical over an audio clip from washed up hack Bob Woodward where Pres Trump was downplaying covid in order to not cause panic.

First off the outtake from Woodward is not the first time Trump has said this, he battled Jim Acosta on the issue…

Dems all seem to forget Trump was the one taking action as early as January against the Chinese Virus while they were all busy trying to impeach him!

That’s what this hysteria over the Woodward tape is really about, to divert attention of their failures to take the virus seriously because they were too busy trying to remove him from office while labeling him a racist. This compilation proves they completely dismissed the threat of the virus. It wasn’t until after impeachment FAILED these MONSTERS pivoted, just like they have now over the rampant violence they were dismissing, to weaponize the China Virus against Trump!

And let’s not forget when Fauci himself said the risk is low….

And today he responded to the Woodward tape completely dismissing it..

This is another gigantic nothing burger, but dems will hammer away going so far as calling to impeach Trump on it! When/ IF Trump wins in November you can bet after the court battles to stop his presidency these SOB’s will start another run to impeach him. That won’t happen if YOU and everyone you know of like mind votes not only for Trump but republican down the ballot.