ABC Reporter Accuses Trump of Lying


Jon Karl is by far one of the most despicable members of the media. He LIES incessantly* in the age of Trump conveniently taking things out of context. What President Trump said in the Woodward Tapes is NOT new he did NOT lie. As a matter of FACT Trump battled with CNN’s Jim Acosta March 30th saying the same thing he said to Woodward, yet Karl and the media wants you to think Trump lied to you and what was said on the tapes is new!


The media are the ones saying covid is the most deadly virus, with the help of some seriously radical partisan members of the Medical State, they fear monger 24/7/365 as if the China Virus is the most lethal virus on the planet. It’s NOT The Walking Dead virus, The Stand‘s super-flu or the Andromeda Strain. It is a flu variant with a 99.99% survival rate that rational sane doctors and scientists are speaking the truth about have been systematically silenced by the democrats and their propagandists, like Karl, in the media.

The media is beyond corrupt at this point. They have far too much power and influence where they are now causing panic in this country when they’re not busy dividing us. Trump and the GOP must win the 2020 election because it’s not only a referendum on socialist/marxism and all the race hustling but it’s also a referendum against the biased radical Left media.

*Few months ago there was contraversy over claims Pres Trump said to inject bleach… IT NEVER HAPPENED, and it was ACTUALLY Jon Karl who said it! Full in context exchange and TRANSCRIPT of what was actually said is here, where Trump was in fact asking a question to do ‘SOMETHING LIKE THAT?’.