Biden: “We Want China To Grow”

For those who doubt China ‘owns’ Joe Biden, and that if elected he won’t reverse everything Trump has done to strengthen America economically here you go…..

Knowing what we know now about China, Joe, his LOSER son and everything else in the pandemic fallout how could anyone vote HARRIS/biden?

One of the first things Joe will do as President is cede American power to China which has hurt the US for decades, as well as the global economy.

China has outbid manufacturing competition because they use slave labor to produce all the crap we have to have. They control the production of 97% of our MEDICINE, medical equipment and supplies, on top of everything else! Trump is doing everything in his power to change that, to bring all that production back to the US, but if Biden is elected then we’re at their mercy! And all that money that goes to them for our crap is used by the Communist Party to build their war machine, so naturally Joe doesn’t want to upset them, he’s afraid of them whereas Trump is not.

A vote for HARRIS/biden is a vote for Xi Jinping and the Communist Party it’s that simple, now choose America.