They’re D E M O C R A T   V O T E R S, Stop Calling Them Anything But That


Please stop calling these “peaceful protesters” BLM, Antifa, Black Bloc, Marxists, Socialists, Revolutionaries etc or any of the other names being assigned to them. These individuals are DEMOCRAT VOTERS and that tie/connection must be made all time for all voters, especially those who see this kind of content maybe for the first time, so they understand these “peaceful protesters” are not just some extreme Left-wing fringe element because of whatever acronym/name is assigned to them. NONE of them will be voting for a republican, let alone Pres Trump, this Nov – they must be identified correctly for what and who they really are: D E M O C R A T    V O T E R S… who are engaged in clear acts of terrorism!

This is typical treatment minority officers receive from the democrat voters.

This is how things are now, 58 days from now they will continue regardless of who wins the election.

If HARRIS/biden wins their voters, like those in the vids above, will interpret the win as a win for their actions too. They will believe voters approved of their tactics and intimidation and continue just as KAMMY said they would.

If Trump wins, well it’s a no-brainer the violence will continue, and most likely intensify and expand into parts of the country we haven’t seen yet.

We will see more serious attacks, resulting in badly injured counter protesters and police. There will be more shootings, potentially skirmishes in areas already hotbeds. This site has warned for some time Portland could very well be the site where the actual first shots of the Second American Civil War are fired between very stupid people on both sides.

Even though the threat of violence will remain, Trump is still the better choice for President as Americans will be able to at least have a chance defending themselves. Under HARRIS/biden the country will look more like a third world dictatorship where the elites and their supporters are armed while the rest are rendered defenseless. This is in fact happening right now in Venezuela, we’ve seen it in Iran and other nations.

So choose America, because your life depends on it.