Democrats Riot and Terrorize Citizens in Rochester NY


Unhinged violent democrats took to the streets of Rochester NY TERRORIZING law-abiding citizens, destroying property, and doing what we’ve come to expect from those who elect AOC, Chuck Schumer, DICK Durbin, Nancy Pelosi, KAMMY Harris, Cory Booker, Adam Schiff and the like into positions of power. These violent democrats think police are responsible for the death of Daniel Prude who was unhinged, caught running down the street naked, spitting at cops thus the mesh hood, because he was high on PCP, which he overdosed and was the cause of his death! But because no one is standing up to them, by throwing the book at them, these violent democrats have become quite defiant and emboldened every single time a black man/woman is arrested and/or dies.

This is what happens when you cede your power to children (Exhibit “A”⬇⬇) who were never told “NO” growing up, instead of holding people accountable!

What these DEMOCRAT voters are doing is the textbook definition of terrorism. If you encounter them be prepared to defend yourself and those with you. Be extra cautious of those with skateboards, treat them as you would someone carrying a firearm!

Hey America go right ahead and vote HARRIS/biden and dems down the ballot, I’m sure this will all just go away if they’re elected.🙄