Seattle Dems Arrested For Shutting Down Freeway


Democrat voters/black lives matter “peaceful protesters” in Seattle found themselves face-to-face with their enemies in law enforcement as they were arrested for shutting a freeway interfering with law-abiding citizens morning commute.

It’s nice to see cops finally doing their jobs in these democrat run cesspool states that have been under siege by these DOMESTIC TERRORISTS. It’s way past time to bring the hammer down on them and stop this insanity by a bunch of spoiled uneducated children. Americans need to do more than tell these monsters to get jobs while they wait for police to arrive because that won’t always be the case, especially in cities where police are being defunded! Americans need to start taking their streets/freeways and communities back from the monsters.

Vote Trump/GOP this November to send a clear message to the unhinged violent democrats that we’re not going to take this crap from them anymore.