US Amb Eviscerates Press: ‘People Aren’t Listening to You Anymore’


Ambassador Richard Grenell eviscerated the White House Press Corp after being asked irrelevant questions during todays presser over the historic peace and economic agreement between Serbia and Kosovo. These monsters in the media are the absolute worst. Grenell has them dead to rights too, they’re too young, inexperienced and what he didn’t mention brainwashed!

Frankly he was nice to them, there’s far more that he could have said and for much longer. The press is always looking for a way to knock any member of the Trump admin down. The American people see it and ‘aren’t listening’ to them as Grenell pointed out.

These people are NOT journalists, they are political activists serving the democrat party. Look at them, listen to how they speak to members of this admin – always hostile.

Voting Trump this Nov will send the press a clear message the People have had enough of their garbage as much as the democrats in power.

The Trump administration is one of, if not, the most successful presidency the US has had. Countless peace and economic deals have been made that not only benefit the US but the world!

barry soetoro was given the Nobel Peace Prize for more or less getting elected, where carnage followed for 8 years. In 3.5 years Trump has been in talks with Pyongyang, calming the Korean Peninsula and also being the FIRST US President to step foot in North Korea. He has brokered deals with Arab nations that has ended decades of conflict. Brought the fight to ISIS, practically wiping them out while also killing their leader al Baghdadi. Took out Iran’s head terrorist Gen Qasem Soleimani responsible for the deaths of Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan and now this deal in Europe not to mention countless foreign trade policy successes, most notably putting China in their place, yet the Left and NeverTrumpers call President Trump a failure! Well yeah I guess he is when he destroys everything that has been keeping these people in business for decades.

America the choice this election couldn’t be anymore clear. There is no gray area between a vote for Trump/Pence & GOP vs HARRIS/biden & DNC, where you will get peace, safety and freedom vs tension, unrest and tyranny. A vote for Joe is really a vote for KAMMY and going back to how things used to be with the world hating America, while we cede all our economic, political and military power.

Vote Trump like your life depends on it because it does!