Gaffe Machine Does It Again, Admits Creating Most Extensive and Inclusive Voter Fraud Org in History


‘We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.’

The Gaffe Machine has a documented history of spilling the beans, here he does it again confirming what we all know.

Between weaponizing the virus to justify mailing out ballots to everyone including the dead, hiring countless attorneys in every state to work liberal appointed judges voter fraud is an understatement at this point. If the Gaffe Machine and KAMMY win it will be because of the widespread cheating democrats have done in all elections but more so this time around.

Democrats cannot be trusted, they’re incredibly dangerous willing and prepared to do ANYTHING to win. Donald Trump MUST win decisively that any challenge to the election results would be futile. YOU have 9 days to get anyone still on the fence leaning towards the dems to see the light, otherwise if they win this country plunges into darkness.