NY Gestapo Invade Jewish Home Because They ‘Have Over 10 People in a Crowd’


There are good cops and bad cops, and here we have another example of bad New York cops serving as modern-day Gestapo targeting Jewish people, enforcing ridiculous executive orders NOT laws.

‘We had a complaint about vehicle parking. Then I look up and you have over 10 people in a crowd!’

Yes, they’re bad cops they didn’t have to do this, but they did because they’re “just following orders”. These are the same cops who will be knocking on doors should the order ever come down to disarm civilians – THAT is what makes them bad cops.

Ever since the pandemic hit the communists running New York (Gov Cuomo and NYC Mayor deBlasio) have been wielding their tyrannical fists against business owners, residents and the Jewish community who are just trying to make ends meet or gather for prayer. Meanwhile the tyrants have TURNED A BLIND EYE to the radical democrats who have been rioting, looting, committing assault and arson aka “peaceful protesting” in LARGE groups.

The double standards are off the charts and quite worse for Jews in NY. The lockdown did not work, we know this because people continue to get the virus masked or not. Regardless, NY’s leaders continue to punish anyone who is not in lockstep with their agenda. This is what happens when democrats are in power, want it to stop? Then STOP voting for them! What do you have to lose by taking a chance and voting for the other guys/gals? Stay the course live under tyranny risking the entire country being turned in NY (or CA for that matter) or take a shot for a real taste of freedom.