Under Biden YOU WILL Be Mandated to Wear a Mask Even on the Interstate!

No red states, no blue states just a would be dictator who will force…mandate every American to wear a mask in every federal building ‘and all interstate transportation’.

This is nothing but an angle of control over the people. Whether some want to hear it or not, covid has a 99.99% survival rate. EVERYONE IS GOING TO GET COVID, just like any other disease. Some people will get it bad because of of pre-existing conditions, whereas others it will feel like bad cold or flu.

The jig is up the virus IS REAL, but is NOT the lethal contagion the democrats have made it out to be. How many of those who died from covid would have died from the seasonal flu? CDC estimates 30-80K people per year die from the seasonal flu, NO ONE was screaming bloody murder over the years, let alone calling for nationwide mask mandate. And how is anyone at risk of getting the virus inside their own car with people they know (family, friends, coworkers)? Are we to believe Joe will require state police to pull people over because their not wearing a mask?! In the old kooks defense he is probably talking about trains and buses, but who knows. Also, this is the same guy who said he wants to “redirect” (aka defund) police funding, how’s that gonna happen when there aren’t any cops?

This man is incapable of leading this country, he has pie in the sky view on many of his policies including shutting down the oil industry. The last thing we need is an incompetent president beholden to the Chinese communist govt.

Vote Trump/Pence and GOP down the ballot or take your chances with this fool.