Biden Said He Will Shut Down the US Oil Industry


The final Presidential debate is now in the history books. Pres Trump asked a major policy question ‘would you close down the oil industry,’ which put Joe Biden against the wall with those who support him admitting he would ‘transition away from the oil industry’.

Biden had to say this because AOC, Sanders and co (incl dem voters) want their Green New Deal implemented if he is elected. What Joe doesn’t understand is America will not stand for this, not to mention just about EVERYTHING we have is DEPENDENT on oil. Everything in your home is made with or from oil, and one of the reasons our economy was on fire was because of fracking where our oil production has made America the #1 producer.

Speaking of fracking Joe denied ever saying he wanted to ban fracking, telling Trump to roll the tape… here you go

To “transition away” as Joe puts it, it will destroy the US economy period end of discussion. Also renewable energy (wind and solar) does NOT work, if they did California wouldn’t be having brown and black-outs!

This should be the end of Biden’s candidacy (aside from the corruption scandal with his son), but there are still voters out there on the fence who didn’t watch tonights debate. People need to get this video and others to the uninformed voters and convince them to vote for Trump.