Pelosi FREAKED OUT When Reporter Asked About Latest Hunter Biden News


The democrats KNOW Joe is in trouble and they do not want anyone talking about Hunter. Here Pelosi lost it when a reporter actually did her job asking her about the derelict of his family…

Why is talking about Hunter taboo? Because it’s not really about him, it’s about how Joe USED his own son to enrich himself and other members of the family selling out the USA! This is why Hunter is a mess, he never got the attention and accolades Beau Biden, who was the star of the family, got. Hunter is Fredo Corleone just doing what he is told, knows he’s being used and it got to him to the point of drug use taking his life down a dark path. Did Joe ever do anything about it? NOPE, just uses him as an intermediary to launder money.

It’s only natural for Nanzi to flip out because Joe is democrat’s last shot at getting a POTUS they can control to ram through their radical agenda. Dems are desperate to hold onto the power they have, they know under Trump everything will be exposed but also prosecutions in his second term.

Joe Biden is dirty, the dirties most corrupt politician in US history, who used his own son to enrich himself. He is a symptom of a much bigger problem in DC and that is why Nanzi and the dems are freaking out and the media pretending like nothing is there.

You have a civic and moral duty to elect Donald Trump and Mike Pence to a second term while also sending them reinforcements to Congress. A vote for Joe/KAMMY is a vote for corruption and empowering America’s enemies who enriched Joe and are working with the dems against Trump!

Unrelated side note: Take the damn masks off already. You all sound like Kenny from South Park when you talk with those ridiculous things on that DO NOT WORK!