AOC Claims Long Waiting Lines is Voter Suppression

For months democrats have been telling people to vote and if possible to vote early. One reason is to avoid the rush, possible bad weather on election day. American’s are doing their part and voting early with record turnout in many locations. House Speaker AOC, always looking for something to complain about, says people having to wait in long lines up to 3-4 hours is voter suppression!

NO voting poll/location will ever have enough booths for the total number of people showing up to vote early or not. How are these people being stopped (that is what suppression means) from voting? Again we have record early voting, it’s actually a good thing so many American’s are participating, but this little monster wants to play games. And let’s be honest by invoking voter suppression we all know she really wants to make it about race as if there aren’t enough polls for minorities which is horseshit!

AOC doesn’t deserve to be re-elected but we know she will because people do stupid things… repeatedly.

Get out and vote people, we not only need to re-elect Pres Trump but get majority in the Senate, and the House to dethrone Pelosi and AOC.