Biden Tells Crowd to Fantasize About Delivering Death Blow to Trump’s Presidency


For a guy who said he was going to cool it with the attack ads and rhetoric while Pres and Mrs Trump recover from the China Virus, Joe Biden has a funny way of showing it. The ads continued, and here is the old kook telling a crowd of Haitians in Miami to fantasize about Trump being the ones who will deliver a ‘coup de grâce,’ (death blow) to Trump at the ballot box!

coup de grâce noun
\ ˌkü-də-ˈgräs \
1 : a death blow or death shot administered to end the suffering of one mortally wounded
2 : a decisive finishing blow, act, or event
The decision to cut funding is the coup de grâce to the governor’s proposal.

Talk about pandering huh!? Do you think he told these Haitians that he is the one responsible for the crime bill that targeted blacks? Do we need to cite all the racist comments he’s made over the years? The man is scam-artist and the most corrupt to come out of DC. Joe is a master of working in what he really thinks into his speeches that give him an escape hatch from criticism… “Cmon man I was just talking about death blow to his presidency”.. Uh huh the same guy who said multiple times he wanted to beat Trump up.

It doesn’t matter who is saying it, Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, AOC, dems running for local office and of course their supporters burning and destroying towns/cities – THESE PEOPLE WANT TRUMP AND YOU DEAD.

Start acting like your life is in mortal danger, VOTE Trump/Pence/GOP because whether you want to believe it or not it is!