“Big Guy” Snaps at Reporter for Asking About Bombshell Story


The “Big Guy“** doesn’t like being asked questions about his derelict kid who has made millions off the family name. The reporter, from a well known democrat leaning operation, was asking a legit question now that the emails that have been released have been deemed legit, as well as the hard drive that has been in the FBI’s possession. The Big Guy attacks the reporter, simply doing his job, over this ‘smear campaign’ which is classic democrat tactic to deflect/redirect a question.

This family is probably the most corrupt in US history who has been able to remain below the radar for a very long time. It is only because of the kid much of the corruption has been revealed. Make no mistake about a vote for him is a vote to continue his as well as his ilk and party’s corruption. These are people who have gotten very rich using the positions they’ve held – TAX PAYER funded positions! They’re all part of the DC Swamp and the only way to drain and fill it in with cement is by re-electing Donald Trump. Otherwise get used to this kind of dodging and accountability.

**This site has been forced/is not using the names of the individuals in the video/ content in an attempt to get around certain social media site’s algorithms. Traffic to this site has been almost stopped because of the Election Interference Facebook, Twitter and Google are engaged in, suppressing negative content about their preferred candidate.

Using “Big Guy” will probably result in suppression anyway, but what can you do?