‘Bins Full Of Ballots’ Found In A Dumpster

WDRB Louisville reports ‘bins of ballots’ were found in a dumpster at a home construction site. These 112 ballots could be the ones that make or break the election as EVERY VOTE COUNTS. These stories continue to surface while the mainstream media plays it down and in some cases denies it’s happening. This election is going to be the most contested election in US history because the democrats weaponized the virus to push for mail-in ballots.

The postal system was NEVER set up to deal with hundreds of thousands of ballots, they can’t even guarantee certified mail/ packages will reach their destination! (Some day I’ll tell the story abt shipping firearms to myself, which is 100% legal) If you think the postal system is safe and secure go ahead and mail yourself $500 in cash. There’s no way to know what a carrier or workers’ political affiliation is. We see what happens to homes with certain politicians campaign signs on the lawn, what do you think workers will do with ballots if they know the area they come from are predominately GOP? It’s 2020, the one thing we’ve all learned is ANYTHING can happen!

If you want your vote counted vote in-person, those who are being forced to vote by mail if there’s a way to track your ballot make sure you do it whatever you’re supposed to do!