No Joe Didn’t Say ‘Super Predators,’ But He Did Call Criminals and Thugs ‘Predators’ – IT’S THE SAME DIFFERENCE!


Democrats had another meltdown over one of Pres Trump’s tweets where he said Joe ‘freely used the term super predator’.

As you would expect the liberal “fact-checkers” on Twitter came out in force, to find anything to make Trump look bad, or call him a liar.

For the record the same criminals and thugs Hillary referred to as “Super Predators” in 1996

Joe called “Predators” in ’93…

Hillary got the idea to use the word from Joe adding “super” in front of it!

So NO Joe did not say “Super Predators” BUT he did call them Predators – it’s the SAME DIFFERENCE. Did Trump lie? Not really, he probably made an assumption Joe said the same thing as Hillary, after all dems have a hive mind. Trump made an honest mistake, but to be clear Joe has referred to those who are unfortunate leaning to a life of crime, many very young and in inner cities, repeatedly as ‘thugs’ and ‘predators’

‘You have predators on our streets, they are beyond the pale many of those people beyond the pale and it’s a sad commentary on society. We have no choice but to take them out of society.

‘There’s about a hundred thousand of them if you want to be a rhetorically extreme about it that.. who are the Predators. There’s a hundred thousand real bad apples out there, a hundred thousand of the kids you read about in the front page of the newspaper every day’

Dems can call Trump a racist, but he isn’t the one making all the racial gaffes for the last 47 years. Joe is the one who pushed the Crime Bill through that unfairly jailed a lot of people, including those Pres Trump has pardoned. Trump is the one who got criminal justice reform through that undid the damage Hillary and Biden caused.

You can’t sit this election out. Trump needs all the votes he can get. He MUST win in a landslide to dismiss any attempt of recount or court challenge.