CSPAN Suspends Debate Moderator After Admitting He Lied About Being Hacked


CSPAN’s Steve Scully sent out this tweet from his account Oct 8th asking Trump hater Anthony Scaramucci if he should respond to Pres Trump, who was critical of him.

The tweet went viral proving many people’s theory that he was another dem operative chosen to hammer away at the President in the second debate while giving cover to Biden whom he once interned for.

Scully claimed his Twitter account was hacked, a standard tactic of the democrats to give cover when they say something really stupid publicly. The fallout was obviously bad for Scully, the debate commission tried to salvage the mess but inevitably because of this democrat hack the debate was canceled and the American people were denied a second debate between the President and the DNC candidate.

It turns out Scully LIED about being hacked and was suspended from CSPAN. Of course he did, they always do. The request to Mooch was intentional, Scully sent a tweet instead of a private message. Here he claims he was stressed from all the attention he was given

Keep in mind this is the same guy who was tagged reputable by many…

It’s abundantly clear democrats in any capacity cannot be trusted. They lie, cheat, steal and will attack those who are critical of them. If and when they don’t get their way they get violent too. This is their very nature, so whose fault is this really? The people who continue to allow them to run everything and make the rules, even when they’re the minority. How did this happen? Why does the Right constantly cave to the Left?

Trump was right and so were all the people objecting to this guy being a debate moderator.

The candidates should be given a list of moderators to choose from NOT some panel of progressives.

This country needs a lot of fixing and it’s not going to happen under a HARRIS/biden regime, as matter of fact this kind of hackery will continue. Trump needs another 4 years to drain and fill the swamp in with concrete.

Trump/Pence 2020