Democrats Attack and Knock Teeth Out of Black Conservative

A conservative group held a free speech rally (opposing big tech) in San Francisco where as you expected anti… DEMOCRAT VOTERS showed up to counter protest and bring violence like they always do. Things got so heated where the speaker/ organizer of the event Philip Anderson, was attacked, struck so heard in the mouth his front teeth were knocked out!

This IS NOT an “idea” as Joe** claims! This is a man.. a black man who was viciously attacked by one of The Big Guy’s supporters because of his opposing political beliefs.

Will JB or his running mate condemn this? NO, they’ll side with their modern day brownshirts, and probably say they were provoked.

You would think these democrat party foot soldiers would appreciate a rally like this going against Big Tech aka Corp America aka evil capitalists but I guess that only applies if republicans and conservatives are running the companies.

We’re in a VERY WARM civil war now, with acts of violence now taking place daily. This is not going to end well if the armed conflict the democrat party is pushing for starts. We know they think they’ll win this fight, but they won’t, because remember the gun toting, Bible thumping right has been buying up all the guns and ammo, training to be proficient with them, since Jan 2009.

We need law and order restored in this country and that starts by electing conservatives to office. Democrats have proven they’re incapable of running this country. Pres Trump needs reinforcements in Congress as well as the state level to keep this nation secure. Vote Trump/Pence and GOP down the ballot, otherwise under the dems it may be your teeth getting knocked out!

**This site has been forced/is not using the names of the DNC candidate and his running mate in the sites content in an attempt to get around certain social media site’s algorithms. Traffic to this site has been almost stopped because of the Election Interference Facebook, Twitter and Google are engaged in, suppressing negative content about their preferred candidate.