Pierre Delecto Says He Didn’t Vote For Trump


Back in February Mitt Romney said he would vote to convict Pres Trump and he did in March when impeachment failed. The next “best” thing Pierre Delecto could do to get Trump out of office was to vote against him as he reportedly told CNN. The coward didn’t even have the guts to tell them who he voted for, but it’s pretty obvious he voted for the head of the Burn Loot Murder Party! For the record Romney marched with them, and Joe nor KAMMY ever condemned their supporters of tearing the US apart for over 4 mos; as matter of fact she went on to say the riots should continue!

This man needs to be expelled from the GOP, Mitt Romney is a democrat and an Enemy of the People – start treating him accordingly.

Utah voters start going through the old dusty laws surely there is a statute buried somewhere giving you the power to recall the backstabber before his term is up in a couple years.