Fmr RNC Chair: Trump Might Promote Assassination Plot Against Joe


Michael Steele, fmr RNC Chair is still pretending to be a republican, was pouring gasoline on the fire of a nation already drastically divided by comparing Joe to Pres Lincoln suggesting Trump is promoting an assassination plot in this Lincoln Project ad.

It’s not the old kook who should be worried about an assassination attempt after the election but the President really, since democrats have all been calling for his death in one way or another. For the record it is DEMOCRATS who could not accept the 2016 election results who have been trying to remove Trump from office ever since. Also, remember everything they accuse Trump and the GOP of they’ve done or are planning to do.

Steel, Lincoln Project (bunch of traitors) and Morning Joe crew are absolutely despicable.

We’re going to lose this country if Trump and the GOP do not win in Nov. Yea yea we say that around every big election but it’s absolutely clear at this. Dems talk about taking rights away, punishing conservatives for supporting Trump you know the drill you’ve seen the posts. You better get everyone you know to vote for Trump or you can kiss this country as you know it goodbye.