Bernstein Rats Out GOP Turncoats


The Left is riding high right now on a biden win and their not holding back their feelings about the GOP. Here washed up has been Carl Bernstein took it a step further as he rats out many republican turncoats who are happy to see Pres Trump lose the election. He actually did us a favor by naming names of who is talking bad about Trump through the back channels!

When the dust settles after the lawsuits are decided one thing will be clear the Republican Party is D E A D, just like their predecessors the Whig Party.

Many conservatives including yours truly will not vote for these bastards ever again after how they handled this clearly fraudulent election and abandoned Pres Trump. Sasse, Romney, Toomey, LITTLE John McCain Marco Rubio – the whole lot of them are TRAITORS and that is not being used lightly, knowing what will happen to this country under democrat control THEY ALLOWED.

A reckoning isn’t just coming for those who stole this election, but their enablers and anyone else who may have been even slightly tied to any of it.

75M+ who voted for Trump will NOT forget what these BASTARDS have done to this country, their just as bad as the socialists in power. We will either take over the party of form a new one, 11/3/20 wasn’t just the end of Fox News it was the end of the Republican Party.

☠️(Side note – that Camerota BITCH needs that smirk smacked off her face)