Stolen Votes Confirmed by Voters Themselves


There are a lot of experts in statistical analysis going over the election results, some above and beyond like Executive Director of Look Ahead America Matt Braynard. His group is not only pulling the data to show election counts in biden’s favor are mathematically impossible but they’re also CALLING voters to confirm if they requested ballots and cast said vote only to find the answer is a big NO!

“Yea but it’s just a small sampling of people Braynard called,” the sampling should hold in any court that it represents far larger number especially since people are signing affidavits under perjury of law. Those who deny this are in on the coup, period end of story.

Look Ahead America has also revealed in GA for example that thousands of absentee ballots are using bogus addresses!

Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, GOPe and the rest of the hate Trump army can whine all they want, but NUMBERS NEVER LIE. And when you go above and beyond as demonstrated here to back up those numbers NO ONE can deny the results – this election was rigged for biden, DEMOCRATS STOLE the election.

Donald Trump MUST NOT concede this election. We knew voter fraud has always been committed but the amount of fraud we’re seeing now is at a terrifying level. There’s no telling how far back this goes, if we take Sidney Powell’s claims as gospel, it has been going on since Hugo Chavez was in power in Venezuela (1999-2013). We won’t know exactly until her evidence is presented in court which includes an eyewitness account from a fmr high ranking military officer.

Yes, democrat’s fingerprints are all over this but so are republican’s…. this is very bad, the nation is in great danger.