Vid Surfaces of Dominion Voting System Exec Explaining to How to Switch Votes


Rumor has it Dominion Voting System’s Eric Coomer promised antifa in a teleconference call not to worry about the election “Trump’s not gonna win. I made f*cking sure of that.” Two videos have now surfaced of Coomer in 2017 explaining how to switch votes to election officials who are using DVS’s machines!

In August 2016 Coomer admitted DVS doesn’t update software to protect against voter fraud.

As of now this Coomer person remains MIA, WHY? If he hasn’t done anything wrong why go into hiding? Same applies to Dominion, why have they closed up offices and chickened out of appearing in PA to testify? Those who are innocent, don’t go into hiding.

No sane, rational person can say this election was legit. Anyone who supports the results as is without a thorough audit and verification of ballots supports deliberate voter fraud. (Talking to the GOP backstabbers and squishes) This election was stolen from Pres Trump and several conservative House and Senate candidates.

If this is no remedied asap this country will be on the path to armed conflict.