Forensic Evidence Will Prove 2020 Election Was 100% Rigged

Just gonna drop these vids here for those interested about the rigged election Fox News, all of the media, DC and Hollywood swear was legit for the old kook who hid in his basement, barely campaigned, admitted having ‘the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,’ and got more votes than obama or clinton. The man speaking is well-known, he’s aided the govt in the past and did NOT vote for Trump in 2016 nor 2020, ‘Constitution in my religion’! He cares about the country and our future, where he has bankrolled digital patriots (for 2 years!) who have gone through the forensic evidence of this election where he is confident no honest judge in America wouldn’t get it.

(The long intvw is worth a listen)

Yes, details of the vids are not being discussed/broken down here because this site has to find ways to get around certain companies ways that suppress posts like this. Sorry, but you’re gonna have to be a grown-up and listen for once vs having things handed to you. If you beleive POTUS was robbed you’ll stay, watch and share, if not well.. @#$% ^&*