Powell: Widespread Election Fraud – Statistical Evidence is Insurmountable, Mathematical Evidence Are Impossibilities

Sidney Powell gave an update where things stand with her promise to release the Kraken telling Lou Dobbs she will be filing a massive lawsuit in Georgia no later than tomorrow, where the defendants will be those who failed to ensure the election was carried out properly.

Powell states the blatant fraud occurred nationwide, that dems did it in our faces where people were filling out ballots without a care in the world, that ‘the statistical evidence is insurmountable, the mathematical evidence is to mathematical impossibilities. There’s no way there was anything but widespread election fraud. She continued teasing a witness who is an election official in a ’distant state’ (one we haven’t heard about) who witnessed acts of fraud. Another tease of a witness in AZ who claims there were ‘at least 35,000 votes added to every democratic candidate, just to start their voting off! It’s like getting your $500 of Monopoly money to begin with when you haven’t done anything and it always only for democrats.’

The million dollar question is, is this enough (we assume based on Sidney and others statements they have solid proof aside from affidavits) for any honest judge to issue an order that turns this election in Pres Trump’s favor?

Who knows!?

It’s 2020, anything can happen at this point, wouldn’t be a surprise if a judge agrees but then dismisses Powell and others suits. You have to understands it’s Trump, these attorneys, a few patriotic digital soldiers and us, Trump’s supporters against EVERYONE else. We’re up against the media, Hollywood, professional athletes, other nations, the democrats AND the GOPe! Yea, the damn republicans who have abandoned Trump abandoned you too after they got your vote to stay in power.

We’re in the fight of our lives for the soul of this country.