Vid Shows Counterfeit Ballots Being Ordered From Chinese Factory


Since this is 2020, and absolutely ANYTHING is possible at this point*, this video of two Chinese men discussing an order for a large quantity of ballots to be printed and shipped is quite relevant to the US, now divided over this sham of an election.

This site is not making any conclusions, just providing the video most democrat controlled social media companies will censor if anyone posts it up. Also, China is playing a role in this election, take a look at Exhibit 105 of Atty Sidney Powell’s suit filed, and check out WHO owns ” “…..

*We’ve seen one crazy thing after another in 2020, anything is possible especially when the Pentagon more or less admitted there are UFO’s but no one gave it a second thought because of the insanity going on right now. So YES, it’s highly possible this vid is legit, these are the ballots that have ended up in swing states where biden got huge bumps in “mail-in” and “absentee” ballots.

UPDATE 11/28/20 9pm:

This is the original copy of the video, the individual who tweeted it out got it from, where as you can now see this sample ballot is for Charlotte Cty FL!

The US is in distress, our election system is compromised. People, groups and govts have all the motivation to see Trump removed from office. It’s ALL of them against Trump and us, his supporters… hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

EVERYONE has high definition tv studios in their pockets/purses at this point, how the hell do these vids constantly hit the web that look like they were shot with a mash potato camera?

If there is anyone who specialized in video forensics all your abilities and skills are needed right now to see is there is anyway to make these ballots in the video legible. They do look like they’re in English and for a US election – in one still it looks like the words read “Representative District 7_” possibly 76, below that “…the Circuit Court,” and “REP, DEM, Yes and No” can definitely be made out. Only forensic experts MAY be able to clean the video up.