Voter Data Analyst: More Illegal Ballots in AZ Than Biden Margin of Victory

Matt Braynard and his Voter Integrity Project are doing the work the FBI, DOJ and other law enforcement agencies should be doing over the fraud committed in the 2020 election. There are many analysts pulling the data apart but VIP is going above and beyond as they are calling voters to verify if they in fact requested an absentee ballot and cast their vote, verifying addresses revealing many are empty lots, PO Boxes, UPS and FedeEx mailboxes, checking voters rolls to databases of those who have died etc!

What VIP has uncovered in AZ, but not limited to, is that the fraud is beyond the margin biden needed for victory. It is massive, and in some cases breathtaking over how blatant the fraudulent acts were carried out by the democrat party!

Democrats have clearly demonstrated they’re willing to blow up our electoral system for power. If they are permitted to seize the White House and the Senate (as it stands the current voting system will be the same one used in Jan’s special Senate election) they will destroy this country. They learned in 2008-2010 they must move swiftly pushing as many radical policies through vs just one. You can bet your Constitutional rights will be paved over by these monsters. People need to rise up, the days of sitting back waiting for others to do the dirty work is over. That person you’re waiting for is staring back at you when you look in the mirror. Protest, march, carry our acts of civil disobedience are now front and center.