Biden is Shielding & Releasing Illegals Into US Without COVID Tests

We’re told ADAMANTLY from the illegitimate regime, and their lackeys, covid is the deadliest virus in history 🙄 (with 99.99% survival rate), yet they’re shielding and releasing illegals into the US population, without being tested for covid. Keep in mind many of these illegals are carrying other diseases and have criminal backgrounds who are not being deported!

With a stroke of a pen Xiden has effectively dismantled ICE removing any type of immigration enforcement within the US, doubling the threat illegals pose on Americans.

For an admin who claims they care about American’s health and safety that all goes right out the window when it comes to the NEW first class citizens. Just as this site has warned for years illegals take precedence over national security and public health, they are the gateway through which the Left will gain permanent one party rule, as they demonstrated in California.

Given this was published in 2019 it still holds true that Democrats Are the Executing Cloward-Piven Strategy on a Massive Scale to Collapse the US Through Illegal Immigration! This country is in grave danger whether people want to admit it or not. What the CCP asset is doing will not end well for America, rendering us weak and powerless, playing right into the ChiComs hands.