Propaganda Minister Refuses to Condemn Past Dem Calls to Harass & Confront GOP Officials


Jen Psaki confidently refused to condemn fellow party member’s calls inciting their supporters who harassed and confronted GOP officials, not to mention GOP and Trump supporters as well many ended up brutally beaten and a few killed.

These vids should be played ad nauseam

Cory Booker Agrees With Maxine Waters On Harassing Trump Staffers “Nothing Wrong With Confronting

As this site warned a Xiden win will be considered approval by the voters to those in the streets to continue what they’ve been doing, and that includes illegitimate regime members remaining defiant, refusing to condemn their own as we see from Psaki.

This woman is a monster like all socialists, what she did here was to in fact give the green light for more all of this to continue.