Biden Calls For Stricter Gun Laws After CO Shooting

Not even 24 hours after the tragedy in CO gun grabbers from all corners, up to the illegitimate individual occupying the White House (IIOWH), are calling for stricter gun laws… Because the thousands already on the books aren’t enough.

We know nothing about the killer other than his name (Arabic), which by the way already dismisses early claims the act was carried out by a racist white male!

We do not know what kind of weapon was used, yet the Left, including this IIOWH, is calling for ban on “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines.
We do not know where or how the killer got his weapon, and again the Left is calling for stricter laws with regards to access and “universal background checks” etc.

We know nothing but the Left wants to clamp down hard on the Second Amendment, the ONLY Amendment with its own Do No Touch clause, these monsters cannot resist violating at every opportunity!

It should also be pointed out that the IIOWH and his ilk never say a word about the rampant violence in many hot spots across the USA like Baltimore, Los Angeles, and of course Chicago where the violence is so bad a website was built to track it all!

Punishing law abiding citizens for the actions of one or few makes NO sense and in reality leaves people defenseless. The 1994 AWB did nothing, and any attempt to reinstate it or something far worse like the laws being introduced now in Congress will not stop a criminal. You see Leftists, criminals by their very nature DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW. You might as well pass a law demanding they follow the law!

Any laws, regulations, ordinances or EXECUTIVE ORDERS passed are illegal and direct violations to the Second Amendment. Noncompliance is a citizens duty at this point over the number of criminals being cut loose, and actions to defund the police this IIOWH stated clearly he supports!

‘SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED’ means exactly what it says.

Any member of the GOP who votes with democrats on ANY gun bill will be thrown out of office.