DHS Sec Intensifies Border Invasion By Announcing They’re ‘Restarting and Expanding the Central American Minors Program’

DHS Sec Alejandro Mayorkas when called out about the state of the border crisis by ABC he claimed the border is secure – while 1000’s of illegal aliens cross by the hour and holding facilities are at 730% capacity. Following a statement he issued Mayorkas proudly announced the illegitimate regime has ‘reinstituted the Central American Minors program, that provides a legal and safe way for children to make their claims here in the United States [ANCHORS for their families to enter], under the law.. under the laws that were passed unanimously by Congress many years ago… What is important it’s not just.. it’s not just the message, it’s also providing the legal and safe avenue for them to come and we are rebuilding that with tremendous speed. This is what we do, we know how to secure the border, we know how to care for children and we know how to build legal and safe pathways to the United States that the law provides.’

This will only intensify people coming here. Mayorkas explains the process but the people making their way here don’t care about the details, all they hear is “come on in”!

Who is receiving these children? What parent would just send their kid to another country?
Those who are using them to get into the US and that G-DAMN old kook occupying the oval office is behind it all to change America’s demographics resulting in a new voter block for the democ..socialist party! Socialists ARE turning America into California, you can bank your last $1 on that!

Where are the protests? Where are the marches, sit-ins, visits to elected officials offices etc the LEFT WOULD BE DOING RIGHT NOW!

Troops are in DC to deter you from resisting what this evil administration is doing. And you’re lack of action is exactly what they want while they bulldoze over America

Time for sitting back waiting for someone to come along and do something, let alone being nice, is over. Your country is being invaded and the people in DC are driving it!