Pelosi Says It’s OK to Overturn a Certified Election If You’re a Democrat!

Any question of the 2020 Presidential Election these days will get your content censored if not deleted as well as your social media accounts suspended or shutdown all together… IF you’re a republican/ conservative. If you’re a democrat, including third in line for the Presidency, you not only can question an election but support undoing the results regardless of a VERY close race in Iowa’s 2nd congressional district being counted, recounted and certified!

Here we have the Spokeswoman of the House, Nancy Pelosi telling DNC propagandist George Stephanopoulos that it’s okay to challenge the results at the request of the loser (democrat) because it was 6 votes out of 400K, while invoking Justice Scalia


When Donald Trump challenged any result he was condemned, called every name in the book, and DENIED ever having his case, with evidence of outright state election laws being violated, heard by the courts!

The socialist party is on cruise control, they can see the new America they’re trying to create, which will be a dystopian nightmare for us, and will do everything in their power to control all branches of govt to make it happen. When they turn the US into a massive version of California, this site has been warning repeatedly, people are going to regret keeping their mouths shut because they didn’t want to rock the boat.

Civil war is coming….