FBI Dir Bizarrely Claims Conservative Groups Behind ‘Most’ BLM/Antifa Riots


FBI Dir Chris Wray is truly a tool of the radical deep state cabal running this country. For 6+ months we watched DEMOCRAT VOTERS (BLM/Antifa) loot, riot, commit assault, burn buildings and in some cases people have actually been killed (Examples 1, and 2), but this clown thinks conservatives were behind ‘most’ of the Left’s criminal activity by blaming other extremist groups like Sovereign Citizens, Militia etc!

Absolutely despicable, Trump should have fired him regardless of the fallout.

Wray also doesn’t think these violent Leftists amount to being deemed a terrorist group, he thinks they’re an ideology! He and the illegitimate regime are going to regret the day they became allies to these domestic terrorists.

Those of you wearing MAGA hats, displaying US flags, being a pro-America YOU ARE THE THREAT to this monster and his ilk and that is why they want you deemed a terrorist, silenced/canceled.