Patriot Rally Attendee Shot and Killed By Democrat Voter in Denver

10/11/20 12:00pm Update:

The Denver Police threw a major monkey wrench in the reporting that followed the shooting at dueling protests Oct 10, where they first called the shooter “antifa” to saying he was a “security guard” for 9News. But thanks to the work of independent journalists nothing has changed at the core of the story…

A conservative was shot and killed by a democrat.

The shooter Matthew Robert Dolloff ID’d by the police as a “security guard” is in fact a registered democrat…

…and his social media indicates his support of radical democrats posting a lot of content from, HuffPo, CNN etc..

(This is just a sample of what I recovered, there is more!)

The killer HATED Pres Trump and his supporters

..and a fan of unhinged radical Keith Olbermann

The victim, Lee Keltner, was shot in the head at point blank range. Legitimate security guards do not train for headshots, because the head is a small moving target that is difficult to hit under stress when time matters. As a matter of fact military, law enforcement, security to civilians armed for home defense train by targeting center mass-> Aim small on a large target, to neutralize/stop a threat. Shooting someone in the head that’s murder.

Dolloff’s weapon had a reddot sight and a laser which can be seen in this image

As for Dolloff being a “security guard”, well…

Again lethal force is not the response to being smacked in the face and sprayed with pepper spray. Dolloff is rightfully being charged with murder, something we will hear more and more democrats being charged with.

This is the democrat party….

[YES, this site voluntarily removed this post from Facebook to avoid censorship from FB “fact-checkers” who would’ve undoubtedly labeled it “False”, following the Denver Police 180°. The facts stand that a democrat killed a conservative.]

10/10/20 9:21pm Update:
**Info remains very fluid, stay tuned for updates**

Odd police changing the story like this going from antifa (dem voter) to a private security guard…..

10/10/20 6:27pm
The identities of the victim and the shooter are unknown, but what we do know reported in this Denver7 video and Denver Post article is backed up by an unknown eye-witness of what one can only conclude of cold-blooded murder of a conservative by a democrat voter?… AGAIN.

The victim, we can safely assume was pro-police/ attending the Patriot Rally, was confronted by two other men where words were exchanged and some shoving. There was some taunting for the victim to use his mace (a cloud of it can be seen in the shooting video) as the Denver Post reported ‘A man participating in what was billed as a “Patriot Rally” sprayed mace at another man and that man shot him with a handgun,’ which is backed up by this eyewitness account…

Last time I checked shoving and taunting someone to mace you isn’t grounds for lethal force. The shooter had the upper hand and was looking for an excuse to shoot the victim – this is premeditated.

How do we know the shooter is a democrat? The two men taken into custody appeared in video from earlier in the day, including in John “Tig” Tiegen’s, YES That Tig from the Benghazi attack, right before the shooting!


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The one wearing shorts, in the blue shirt with the backpack can be seen in the Denver7 video walking by the camera and standing with other democrat voters (antifa, blm, communist party of Co).

How many have to die at the hands of these democrat voters? FBI Dir Chris Wray, the media, celebs/professional athletes to Joe Biden continue to trivialize if not dismiss these democrat party foot soldiers. They don’t seem to understand the blood being spilled is on their hands. And they don’t seem to understand that very soon the people they demonize, trivialize and pin everything their supporters are doing on, are going to start fighting back.

Law and order must be restored, and it starts at the ballot box by removing democrats from power at the local, state and of course federal levels. Mayors, council members, governors, state representative and senators are enabling this violent wing of their party by not allowing police to do their jobs, and turning a blind-eye to corrupt prosecutors (bankrolled by Soros) cutting them loose free of prosecution. YOU have the power to remove these enablers from power.

You must vote Trump/Pence and GOP down the ballot, because under HARRIS/biden regime shootings like this will be the norm.

**Info is still fluid, stay tuned for updates**